Broken Rooms, A Roleplaying game of alternate worlds

Broken Rooms Nominated for Game of the Year

there are doorways between the worlds.

places that briefly co-exist, here and there
but only for you and your kind.
Broken Rooms.

(they aren’t always rooms)

a stretch of road that never felt right.
the park bench where you had your first kiss.

the alleyway where you were murdered.




Walk the Nearside.
Save the Worlds.
Save Yourself.
Time is running out.


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\"The game design, system, and concept remind me a lot of the glory days of White Wolf ... It captures the bleakness and grey-and-grey morality the original World of Darkness systems had.\"
\"The Meridians, the world hopping, the strange rules and paradoxes of alternate selves, and the thick chunk of thirteen unique settings makes for an awesome product. It\'s not a game of treadmills or narrowly designed railroads. It\'s a game of getting lost in a maze. It\'s Alice in Wonderland if created and produced by J J Abrams.\"
\"With widely varied motivations and thirteen iterations of the world to journey through, options are intriguing.\"
\"Clocking in at 460ish pages, this thing is flowing with ideas, hints, energy, and potential. You could easily take this book, focus on one of the worlds exclusively, and base an entire campaign around the HbA+ and their actions in said world ... And you have multiple worlds in which to do it with.\"