The Game

Broken Rooms is a 464-page hardback roleplaying core book that includes all the rules and setting information needed to play.

Broken Rooms, A Roleplaying game of alternate worlds

Chapters include:

1. Introduction

2. Setting Overview

3. Character Generation 

4. Rules 

5. Distance 

6. Travel 

7. Meridians 

8. Combat 

9. Equipment 

10. Storytelling 

11. Sample Scenario: A Dreadful Mission 

12. Allies & Adversaries 

13. The Nearside 

  • Earth1: The Ordinary World 
  • Earth2: Vanished 
  • Earth3: The Fall 
  • Earth4: Invasion 
  • Earth5: Still Born 
  • Earth6: Hot House 
  • Earth7: Ice Box 
  • Earth8: Dread 
  • Earth9: Dead Water 
  • Earth10: Outage 
  • Earth11: Afterlife 
  • Earth12: Unvisible 
  • Earth13: The Reef 

Seven example characters, as well as several non-player characters are also included, as is a character sheet.

A limited edition, advanced copy of Broken Rooms was released at the Gen Con 2012 trade show. Final release copies are now on sale.