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Broken Rooms Roleplaying Game

Broken Rooms is now available as a 464-page, black-&-white hardback book, or as a PDF download. It includes everything needed to play:

  • Pre-made characters you can use to jump right into the action, as well as character generation rules and a character sheet you can use to create your own Nearsider.
  • Rules for combat, Distance, and travel, including an example of play.
  • 13 Meridians to give your characters specific reality-bending skills.
  • All the gear needed to equip your character for adventures across parallel worlds.
  • Setting-based fiction to set the mood.
  • 50 pages of storytelling tips and advice to help gamemasters take control of the Nearside.
  • A sample scenario that introduces the game’s parallel world travel and combat systems.
  • Allies and adversaries to meet and/or attempt to defeat complete with background descriptions and stats.
  • “In-person” reports from field agents on each of the 13 parallel worlds that detail the opportunities and dangers characters need to know before traveling to them.

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